Pink Mushroom Style Patio Heater

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Our custom pink mushroom style heater is professionally powder coated with a gloss finish and clear coat for a blended look. 

The aluminum base ensures you do not get rust rings on your patio surface while allowing for ease of movement.

Our mushroom style patio heaters are designed for heat. 

The heater head is easy to light and has a reinforced emitter grid and oversized top dome to help get you more coverage from each heater and more value out of each propane tank.

- Specifications -
Standard Height: 8 feet

- if you have an awning or overhang, each heater can be reduced in height to accommodate your patio, we recommend 18" between the top of the heater and an awning.

Top dome diameter: 3 feet, 2 inches (38" total) 
- 6" wider than most other brands for a wider heat coverage.

Base diameter: 1 foot, 8 inches (20" total)

Output Rating: 65,000 BTU/HR

If you need to move the heaters nightly, each heater can be fitted with wheels to make tilting and moving very easy.

We manufacture our heaters completely in-house in order to off you a commercial grade heater for your business that is compliant with the California Fire Code.  No other heater on the market compares.

By controlling the manufacturing process, not only can we ensure the heaters safe, we can also make improvements to the heaters that other companies cannot offer.