Light Green Tower of Fire Style Patio Heater

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Our custom light green Tower of Fire style heater is clear coated to give the heaters a clean look while offering protection against the elements. The protection grates are individually coated to ensure a universal look.

The center glass tube is reinforced to allow for ease of movement and the custom control box allows you to easily control the flame height.

Our Tower of Fire style patio heaters are designed to turn heads.  You can easily attract customers to your patio with a warm invited atmosphere created with the Tower of Fire heaters.

The heater head is easy to light, has a reinforced emitter grid and can include weights in the base for added stability during windy night.

- Size Specifications -
Height: 8 feet (96" total)

Width: 1 foot, 9 inches (21" total)
Depth: 2 feet (24" total)

Output Rating: 65,000 BTU/HR

If you need to move the heaters nightly, each heater is fitted with wheels to make tilting and moving very easy.

We manufacture our heaters completely in-house in order to off you a commercial grade heater for your business that is compliant with the California Fire Code.  No other heater on the market compares.

By controlling the manufacturing process, not only can we ensure the heaters safe, we can also make improvements to the heaters that other companies cannot offer.