We’ve been supplying patio heaters to Southern California for 20 years.

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Patio Heater Rental

We’ve been supplying patio heaters to Southern California for 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about patio heaters…enough to develop our own customized heater. From redesigning the base, to reinforcing the rivets, and using the highest quality components for the actual combustion, our custom heater is the most durable and reliable heater you can find.

Although discount warehouses and hardware stores inaccurately advertise their heaters as “commercial,” with us you can rest assured that you have a heater that’s designed for every day use. And when you lease patio heaters from us, they’re also covered by our service guarantee. We guarantee we’ll repair your heater for free within 48 hours of your request, although we are often able to perform repairs the day the request is made.

Buying a patio heater isn’t an investment – it’s a risk. Instead of risking losing outdoor business when discount off-brand patio heater breaks down, let us take care of your patio heating maintenance! Instead of buying new heaters in a desperate rush, try our convenient monthly lease, which will increase reliability, keep your budget predictable, and avoid the headache of outdoor heating emergencies.

Whether you need heaters year-round for your restaurant patio, or just for one evening for a party in your back-yard, Premier Patio Heating Specialists can meet your outdoor heating needs. We offer a number of styles and can customize your heater to meet your theme, anywhere from rustic villa to sports bar.

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